A virtual journey around the world, visiting 24 countries in 24 hours.

The WPP BAV Best Countries study measures perceptions of countries across the world, tracking the impressions & opinions of consumers, business leaders and opinion formers. To celebrate the launch of WPP BAV Best Countries 2022, join our virtual journey around the world, stopping in 24 countries – every hour, on the hour. Each session will explore the global and local insights from this year’s study.

Then, hosted by our WPP company colleagues on the ground, each session provides insights and analysis into the current trends, changes and important stories in each country – the reality behind global perceptions of these markets.

Select a city to see the schedule in your time:


New Zealand, Wellington

Jacinda, Ingenuity and the All Blacks

Is it time to unleash more Aotearoa on the world?


Australia, Sydney

From ‘young and free’ to ‘one and free’..

..but is Australia ready to be a modern heritage powerhouse?


Thailand, Bangkok

Unseen Thailand

Let’s discover the new perspectives of Thailand that are now evolving our unique culture and lifestyles to seamlessly blend in with trends of globalization



Little Red Dot Diaries

Decoding ‘Singaporeaness’ and why it is the invaluable currency to drive strength and stature to win in one of the world’s most innovative economy


Vietnam, Hanoi

The New Powerhouse

With bursting optimism and a vision for progress, Vietnam is making great strides in post-pandemic recovery and thriving to become a powerful mover and shaker in Asia


China, Shanghai

Flattening the Curve through Tech Innovation

A brief intro to China as an economy, as a society, and as an innovation hub – part of the answers it gives to current challenges


India, Delhi

India's Role for the Interconnected World

The width and depth of talent make India both efficient and effective. India’s start up and innovation engine is among the top 3 in the world. As well as being the 5th largest economy in the world, India is the most dynamic largest emerging economy


Qatar, Doha

Bite-Sized, Brave & Bold

Qatar’s transformation from a small nation into a global challenger


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Opening the Gates of the Kingdom

The momentum in the Kingdom is unquestionable and the world is recognising its up-and-coming potential. As a brand as it has always stood for power (political and economic) on the world stage. Today Saudi Arabia is embarking on a hugely ambitious and far-reaching transformation program which will present unprecedented and unparalleled investment opportunities, locally and globally


Kenya, Nairobi

A Tale as old as Time

Harnessing the power of narratives, we deep dive on how content has shaped Kenya’s innovation and storytelling over the years This is a look at the evolution of content in Kenya and the Impact this had had on our culture over time


Ghana, Accra

Awakened to Ambition

Africa’s cosmopolitan cities are a melting pot of passions, dreams, and a shared desire to tell the real story of Africa. Catch a glimpse of the sights, sounds, tastes and experiences of Ghana, as told by Ghanaians


South Africa, Johannesburg

Music Is Life!

A look into a music genre from South Africa called Amapiano, which has become a global phenomenon and has set the tone for a greater upliftment of the country’s creative economy


Ukraine, Kyiv

Strengths that Empower Ukraine

The  fighting country. But also a land of great potential and unique people. Get to know how Ukraine lives, fights, works, develops, and believes in the victory soon to come


Additional video this year! no.1 country in the WPP BAV Best Countries ranking 2022 – Switzerland, Zürich

Swissness - An Inside View

Did you know that you can meet the entire world in Switzerland? 197 Nations (all except Tuvalu). Meet your colleagues from the Wunderman Thompson office in Zürich and discover more about the little “big number one”


Sweden, Stockholm

Taking care of business, Taking care of Swedes

Balancing individual success with the ambition to improve life for everyone is something of a Swedish national sport. This is quickly becoming an important part of how Swedish companies operate, both at home and abroad


Spain, Madrid

Spain vs Spain

Join us as we explore the duality of the Spain Country Brand and discover why Spain is growing from Strength to Strength


Belgium, Brussels

Unravelling Belgium

Join Belgium's BAV director as he uncovers stereotypes and the most popular Belgian topics of the day. Using data to accompany his presentation, Johan gives you a glimpse into the Belgian history and current affairs from a local perspective


United Kingdom, London

Understanding the reality of the UK’s commitment to climate goals

The advertising industry adds 28% to the carbon footprint of every citizen in the UK. Whilst advertising is part of the problem, it can be part of the solution. Hear from our expert sustainability practitioners on the opportunities to make advertising part of the solution


Ireland, Dublin

Building Soft Power, a journey of discovery of Ireland’s new brand essence


Brazil, Sao Paulo

The Cultural Significance of entertainment

Highly recognized by its rich and diverse cultural expression, Brazil is still haunted by the ghosts of corruption and income inequality. Even so, the future holds optimism for growth and evolution within economics, politics, and society


Costa Rica, San Jose

Do you ever wonder what it's like to live in Costa Rica?

There are a lot of reasons to visit Costa Rica - for an adventure, wild and colorful destiny for a vacation and for a healthy wellness break for you! Enjoy the most beautiful sunsets, work while hearing the relaxing sound of the sea and be prepared to fall in love with the magic of the tropics


Peru, Lima

Peru. The Richest Country in the World

The winning blood runs through the veins of Peruvians like the Amazon river through the jungle, and so we have excelled, not only because of our wealth as a nation but also because of our ideas


Colombia, Bogota

Colombia. The Country of Enchantment

The charm is in its people, its biodiversity, its happiness, its optimism, its warmth, its creativity and much more lies behind the country of enchantment. This is creativity that converts!


Canada, Toronto

Canada: Safe, sexy or both

A discussion on what makes Canada a destination for talent and businesses


USA, New York

Made In America - Our Global Influence

The Enduring Influence of the Brand USA