A virtual journey around the world, visiting 24 countries in 24 hours.

Each session provides insights and analysis from experts in the country, and an extra special taste with a salad and cocktail recipe from each.

New Zealand, Wellington

A new take on strength: trust, diversity and social purpose

Australia, Brisbane

Growing up and going forward – cultural identity and the Olympics

Japan, Tokyo

Japan’s roaring 20’s

Experience, Creativity and the Human Connection

Singapore, Singapore

Singapore — Nation 3.0

Lessons in Transformation.

China, Shanghai

Powering the Asian Century

From the Ancient Silk Road to modern China development, how China has become an economic power engine on a global stage

Indonesia, Jakarta

The Youth Equation

The 'now' reality of a new storytelling playground

India, Delhi

Momentum driven by Innovation

Speakers from Ed Tech, Commerce and Creator Universe discuss how the culture of innovation is driving the momentum in their spaces

Kenya, Nairobi

Kenyan Hustle

How Kenyan entrepreneurs are innovating to solve issues in the market, from the Social Media Maverick to the Influencer Whisperer.

Israel,Tel Aviv

From Holy-Land to Start Up Nation, balancing Israel’s inherent contradictions

Featuring Pfizer's CEO on why Israel was selected as "the world's lab"

South Africa, Johannesburg

Re-Right the Stars

A story of indigenous astronomy – thanks to the South African Astronomical Observatory. Re-learning South Africa's culture and understand what it means to be culturally accessible

UAE, Dubai

A Century in 50 Years

The achievements of UAE as a country in the past 50 years & the impact of Covid-19 from a business perspective.

Sweden, Stockholm

From Sweden with Love

Mindshare discuss Sweden as a destination with Visit Sweden

Germany, Hamburg

On the verge of change: from doing it right to doing it better

Seven observations on change that would not have been possible ten years ago, and a daring theory about the role football and female leadership play.

The Netherlands, Amsterdam

Dare to be different

The world is full of brands. Countries, celebrities, brands are everywhere. It’s almost impossible to stand out, to make a real difference. And, yet, you have to. Only brands who dare to be different will be successful. How? Learn what our experts have to say together with our clients, PLUS Retail (nominated Marketing Company of the Year).

France, Paris

Brand love and optimism

France has always been associated with food, fashion and love. In these difficult times, love has become more important than ever for individuals, but also for brands creating meaningful and lasting connections with consumers. Mediacom discover the key drivers of brand love.

United Kingdom, London

Shooting the Breeze

Why the British are so obsessed with the weather, and whether it’s impacting our response to the climate crisis

Ireland, Dublin

Culture and Connection

Finding a deeper understanding of cultural roots, greening the world and building a brand ecosystem

Peru, Lima

Making visible the need for gender equality in a complex context

Argentina, Buenos Aires

More than Adventureland

How Argentina is emerging from one of its worst economic crisis and the pandemic based on its natural resources and its people

Chile, Santiago

Unboxing Chile, Creating Future

Understand what this young, vibrant and diverse country has to offer the world, unboxing some unknown characteristics of Chile and its people.

Canada, Toronto

The importance of Social Purpose

Unique nation

Mexico, Mexico City

Mexico's Light & Shadows

Strengths and weaknesses of perceptions of Mexico

USA, New York

Made In America

Discussing the power of consumer brands and Agility as the new super power