A virtual journey around the world, visiting 24 countries in 24 hours.

The WPP BAV Best Countries study measures perceptions of countries across the world, tracking the impressions & opinions of consumers, business leaders and opinion formers. To celebrate the launch of WPP BAV Best Countries 2022, join our virtual journey around the world, stopping in 24 countries – every hour, on the hour. Each 60 minute session will explore the global and local insights from this year’s study.

Then, hosted by our WPP experts on the ground, each session provides insights and analysis into the current trends, changes and important stories in each country – the reality behind global perceptions of these markets. Register below to follow the sun with us on 6th October, and get a real insight into each country from the people who understand it best.


New Zealand, Wellington

Jacinda, Ingenuity and the All Blacks: time to unleash more Aotearoa on the world?

Rose Herceg, Katie and Fleur Head panel discussion


Australia, Sydney

From ‘young and free’ to ‘one and free’, but is Australia ready to be a modern heritage powerhouse?

Rose Herceg, Ali Tilling and Katie Rigg-Smith panel discussion


China, Shanghai

Flattening the Curve through Tech Innovation

The China situation, complication and resolution from a marketing data and tech perspective


Qatar, Doha

Bite-Sized, Brave & Bold

Qatar’s transformation from a small nation into a global challenger.


Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Opening the Gates of the Kingdom

Fuelled by a strategic vision for unparalleled progress, Saudi Arabia is rewriting its story in an effort to attract foreign tourists and investors.


South Africa, Johannesburg

Music Is Life

A look into a music genre from South Africa called Amapiano, which has become a global phenomenon and has set the tone for a greater upliftment of the country’s creative economy


Ukraine, Kyiv

The Capital of Innovation & Freedom

Strong, passionate, smart - the Ukraine that you never knew


Canada, Toronto

Canada: Safe, sexy or both

A discussion on what makes Canada a destination for talent and businesses


USA, New York

Made In America - Our Global Influence

Investigating how America is viewed around the world. Among our strengths, we will look at the powerful “Made in America” brands we export, and their influence on culture